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When you need Fast, Reliable & Efficient IT Support...Think Strategic!

Find tailored IT solutions that suites your needs. 


There for you always.

With over 15 years of experience, our team of highly passionate IT technicians is there to offer fast, efficient, and reliable service.



 Increase employee productivity, manage data, attract more customers, outsource I.T. services, increase the efficiency in your business or a mixture of the latter. Get the support you need in minutes!



In this day and age, everyone needs to be more connected and secured while working from home or any environment. If you are currently experiencing issues with your computer device, we can help!

Gamer Accessories


Find the best deals on the market for new and renewed computer devices

Fast & Efficient

We pride our self in getting the job done by the most efficient means possible.



It is more than just solving problems, it is solving them properly.   



You can always count on us to be there when you need us.


Customer Service

Our efficiency, reliability and excellency all come together to give you an enjoyable experience working with us.


who we are

We value the same thing you want from a trusted I.T. company

Strategic Computer Systems Limited was incorporated in 2008 with a firm focus on delivering truly specialized I.T. support to resolve everyday problems that arise.

We are a mobile I.T consultancy company based in Kingston that offers a wide variety of I.T solutions to growing number of clients throughout Jamaica.


Our team is comprised of skilled I.T technicians who have a passion for ICT, bringing to the table technical skills and knowledge and good business acumen.

Our Customers Love Our Service

And You Would Too

Why Wait!?

Let's start with a conversation.
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