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Personal Services

Make your life easier through technology.

Our full suite of services

Reap the benefits of having fast and reliable tech support for the everyday issues.

  • Virtual Support

    Have a computer problem but don’t have the time to take it to a repair shop? Resolve your tech issues while staying at your home.

  • Wifi Setup

    Expand the reach of your home’s Wifi by installing routers at strategic locations and enjoy being connected anywhere.

  • Computer Repair

    Nothing is more frustrating than a slow laptop. You can fix that within 24 hours. We repair laptops, desktops and printers and more.

  • Parental Control

    Protect your child from inappropriate content on the internet by blocking certain websites from your home network.

  • Home Surveillance Camera Installation

    You want to keep the things you love safe. Have us choose and install the best security camera based on your needs and budget.

Not seeing a service that caters to your needs?

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